About us

Institute of Biology

Address: H-7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.

Fax: +36 72 503 634

Phone: +36 72 503 600 - extensions:4151


The institute consists of seven departments covering several important fields of biology: ecology, plant biology, genetics and molecular biology, microbiology, comparative anatomy and developmental biology, cell biology and neurobiology. The main tasks of the staff (over 30 people) are to teach different disciplines of biology to BSc and MSc students and to do an outstanding scientific research work.

Research topics include: comparative research of plant taxa on anatomical, histological and molecular levels, national and regional survey of weed communities, descriptive and comparative analyses of plant communities, induced systemic acquired resistance in plants during plant – pathogen interactions, pathogenesis-related genes and the regulation of their expression, molecular biology and genetics of the Agrobacterium resistance in grapevine, molecular background of stress processes, isolation of the biosynthetic gene cluster for antibiotic production in the family of Pseudonocardiaceae, detection and characterization of viral zoonotic diseases in Hungary, population biology and community ecology of small mammals, nest predation studies, analysis of microevolutionary processes, chemical neuroanatomy, development and regeneration of peptidergic structures of the nervous system in model invertebrates (earthworms, cockroach and Drosophila), sensory and cognitive function in animal models, the chemical neuroanatomy of the retina, neuroimmune interactions.

Publications from the institute appear in prestigious journals, such as Ecology, Preslia, Weed Research, Biochemica Biophysica Acta, J Bacteriology, J Clinical Virology, Physiologia Plantarum, J Plant Physiology, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Cell Tissue Research, J Comparative Neurology, J Neuroscience, J Mol Neurosciences, Regulatory peptides, J Experimental Biology, Environmental Science and Technology.