PhD School

  • Doctoral Program in Biology and Sport Biology

    Faculty of Sciences

    • Degree: PhD
    • Duration of the program: 8 semesters
    • Language of instruction: English
    • Head of the Doctoral School: Professor Dr Róbert GÁBRIEL

    Description of the program

    The Doctoral School of Biology and Sportbiology provides PhD studies in wide range fields of biology and sportbiology including genetics, microbiology, plant biology, ecology, regulatory biology, fitness, stress, sport and immune system. Excellently equipped laboratories are available in the biology departments and at the Szentágothai Research Center of UP, as well as at the Balaton Limnological Institute. By international contacts we give opportunity to our PhD students to mobility.

    • Deadline for application: 30/June
    • Starting date: September and February
    • Tuition fee: EUR 3,000 per semester
    • Application fee: EUR 140

    Thesis topic proposals by the Doctoral School for 2018/2019

    The following research topics are announced for the 2018/2019 Academic Year by the Biology and Sport Biology PhD

    1. Molecular, histological and cytological background of the neural regeneration in earthworm
    2. Floral and pollination biological studies on fruit trees
    3. Study of nectar- and pollen production of apicultural significant plant species, analysis of specific compounds in the nectar and honey.
    4. Electrical synapses in retinal neuronal circuits
    5. Health related fitness and the quality of life of adults.
    6. Development of novel behavioural pharmacological models for the study of major cognitive disorders in animal models and in humans
    7. In vivo neurophysiological and neurochemical investigation of monoaminergic neuromodulation in the rodent brain
    8. Behavioural and psychophysiological correlates of human cognition in healthy and diseased states
    9. Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in the mammalian retina
    10. The role of Wnt molecules: -molecular background of lung cancer -inflammatory and fibrotic diseases of the lung, lung regeneration -aging of the lung -drug transporters in the lung.
    11. Role of proprioceptive training in injury prevention and rehabilitation
    12. Neuromechanical parameters influencing the stretch-shortening cycle
  • Basic datas of the doctoral school